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Puppy Training and Socialisation

The Art of Dog Training specialises in puppy training and socialisation. 


Ensuring proper socialisation for your puppy during its critical period of development, typically between 4 to 20 weeks of age, is paramount for its well-being and sound future behaviour development. Exposing your puppy to various stimuli it will encounter as an adult dog is essential during this phase. Employing positive reinforcement training techniques can effectively instill confidence in your puppy, teaching it that the outside world is a safe and enjoyable place to explore.


At The Art of Dog Training, we specialise in guiding you through this crucial period, equipping you with the knowledge and skills on how to appropriately apply positive reinforcement training methods in all aspects of puppy training. With our extensive experience, we can help you foster a well-adjusted and socialised canine companion for life. We can also support you beyond the critical period of development stage with all of your puppies training needs.


Building a solid foundation of leadership with your puppy as early as possible will ensure that they don't present with the sorts of challenging behaviours that can arise in adolesant dogs where sound leadership wasn't established consistently enough during their puppihood. 

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