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Behaviour Management

The Art of Dog Training has extensive experience and success in the area of behaviour management. 


The sorts of issues we can help you address, manage and/or have disappear are as listed below. 

  • Excessive Barking

    • At Noises 

    • At People and/or dogs Passing By

    • Other dogs

    • At Possums, Cats or Other Animals

    • When Put outside

    • When put on a walk

    • When Waiting At The Lights to Cross The Road

    • When You Have A Delivery to the Home

    • When You Have Visitors

    • When Travelling in The Car

  • Excessive Excitability

  • Aggression and Unsociable Reactivity Towards Other Dogs

  • Aggression and Unsociable Reactivity Towards People

  • Destructive Behaviour Such As:

    • Digging

    • Chewing 

    • Scratching

    • Marking

  • Aggression and Reactivity towards moving objects Such As:

    • Cars

    • Motor Bikes

    • Scooters

    • Skate Boards

    • Playing or Running Children

    • Joggers

    • Cyclists

    • People Playing Sport

  • Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviour Such As:

    • Tail Chasing

    • Excessive Licking Of Paws, Flanks Or Other Body Parts

    • Shadow Chasing

    • Excessive Pacing

  • Not Following Your Commands/Communication

  • Not Coming When Called

  • Pulling On The Lead

  • Biting The Leash On The Walk

  • Refusing To Walk Due To Fear and/or Anxiety

  • Jumping Up On People and/or Others Dogs

  • Unsociable Reactivity at the Traffic Lights

  • Unsociable Reactivity in Busy and High Traffic Areas

  • Running Away When Asked to:

    • Go To The Toilet

    • Go Outside

    • Go To Their Bed/Place of Rest

    • Come Over To Have The Leash Attached To Them

    • Come Back To You When At the Park

    • Come Inside When Outside

  • Demanding/Excessive Barking When Wanting Something or Not Getting What they Want. Typical Examples:

    • When You Stop To Talk To Someone On The Street

    • When You Sit To Have Dinner Or Eat At A Cafe

    • When You Are On The Phone

    • When You Are Working From Home

    • When You Have Visitors

    • When Your Dog Wants You to Play or Throw Something For It To Chase

  • Unsociable Behaviour Such as:

    • Nipping Other Dogs or People

    • Playing Too Rough With Other Dogs

    • Mounting/Humping People or Other Dogs

    • Marking and/or Peeing on People, Other Dogs or Other Peoples Property

    • Charging and/or Barking at People and/or Dogs When Off Lead

Plus so much more ….

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