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Separation Anxiety

Is your dog or puppy constantly following you around the house, never wanting to leave your side, and/or always seeking your attention? While it's heartwarming to have a devoted companion, this behavior can lead to problems like separation anxiety if left unchecked.


To address this, it's crucial to teach your puppy or dog independence by providing a designated peaceful space, such as a bed or crate, where it can go to relax and receive affection. Through positive reinforcement of desired behaviours, like when your puppy or is dog on its bed or in its crate, you can strengthen these places as desirable and safe places for them to go to rest. Consistent leadership and clear communication are key, especially with anxious dogs. With patience and consistency, you can help your pup or dog become more independent, reducing both clinginess and destructive behaviours that can result from separation anxiety over time.


We at The Art of Dog Training are highly experienced in providing workable and effective solutions for dogs or pups presenting with separation anxiety. We are also able to advise you on how to prevent your puppy or dog from developing separation anxiety related behaviours by setting things up well from the beginning, and using positive reinforcement training techniques, so that separation anxiety never becomes as issue for you or your dog. 

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