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Recall Training

At The Art of Dog Training we have an easy, fun and proven system that teaches you how to have your pup or dog to come back whenever you call them, regardless of the level of distraction.


For the sake of your dogs safety it's crucial to take your time with the training of this command. A common issue that many people have with the recall, is that they practise it a few times, their pup or dog successfully follows the command, and then they have the expectation that their pup or dog will obey the command in all conditions and circumstances.. 

Being able to recall your dog in your backyard, or the park, when no other dogs or other distractions are around, is completely different to calling your dog away from playing with another dog, or being able to stop your dog chasing another dog or a ball across a busy road.

Every time you let your dog off the leash in public when you havenʼt given your dog sufficient practice with this command, you are risking your dogʼs life.

The earlier your puppy or dog learns to come immediately when called, the less likely they are to develop a habit of ignoring you. While it's understandable that you want your pup or dog to socialise and play with freedom as soon as possible, it's crucial to wait until the pup or dog has developed reliability around coming to you whenever you call them.

Allowing your puppy or dog to roam off leash at the park, beach or otherwise necessitates establishing good habits first to ensure their safety. 

We teach you how to cultivate a strong recall in your puppy or dog, instilling the belief that you are the centre of their world and the trusted leader that they are happy, secure and content to follow.

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