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Puppy Toilet Training

At The Art of Dog Training, we offer comprehensive support for every stage of your puppy's journey, starting with puppy toilet training from the moment it enters your home and continuing at any point thereafter. Our goal is to make this process stress-free and seamless for both you and your new canine companion.


One of the key aspects we focus on is getting puppy toilet training right from the very start. We have developed an easy-to-follow and systematic method that allows your puppy to learn to go to the toilet itself, on command within a few weeks of joining your family. While each puppy is unique and may require varying amounts of time to grasp this skill, we show you how through consistent application of positive reinforcement training techniques you can make this a rewarding experience for both you and your puppy.


Rather than viewing toilet training as a chore, our approach transforms it into a fulfilling opportunity to strongly bond with your puppy and foster good habits from the start.

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