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Expert Dog and Puppy Training

Michelle's Story

Michelle McClurg is an experienced Dog and Puppy Trainer and Behaviour Consultant.

The Art of Dog Training began in 2009 when Michelle left a 13 year engineering career to pursue her life long passion to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Michelle is a nationally accredited dog and puppy trainer and completed her Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia in 2010. She continues to add to this knowledge through the study of various sources and Dog Experts from Australia and internationally.

You will find Michelle very approachable as she shares her knowledge simply and generously. It is essential to her that dog owners and handlers are equipped with knowledge and tools that empower them to provide for their pet’s needs, with the overall aim of creating balanced, happy and obedient dogs.

Latest Posts

 Luke and Rikki, St Kilda VIC

Stop wishing your dog was better behaved, stop having to always apologise for your dogs behaviour, stop taking your dog home before going somewhere where you would love to be able to take them, and trust in The Art of Dog Training, you won’t regret it. 
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